Facility Rentals

Renting our Event Space and Kitchen: Whether you are having a birthday party for your kids, a wedding or a family reunion, or need a commercial licensed kitchen to process and prepare foods, Lake Paran has affordable rental options. From covered pavilions to a fully equipped kitchen, contact us for more information about renting our facility for your event. 

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3 Hours
Week Days
3 Hours
Heating Surcharge
3 hr Minimum Deposit
Pavilion I$120.00$ 40.00$ 150.00$ 50.00$60/75
Piazza II$150.00$ 50.00$ 200.00$ 65.00$75/100
Great Room$150.00$ 50.00$ 200.00$ 65.00$ 20.00$75/100
Licensed Commercial Kitchen$150.00$50$150.00$50.00$20.00$75/$75
Combo Great Room & Piazza II$200.00$ 50.00$ 300.00$75.00$ 20.00$100/150
Combo Great Room & Pavilion I$175.00$ 50.00$ 250.00$75.00$ 20.00$87.5/125
Combo Great Room, Piazza & Kitchen$250.00$ 75.00$ 350.00$ 75.00$ 20.00$125/175
Combo Great Room,
Pavilion I, Piazza II & Kitchen
$300.00$ 100.00$ 400.00$ 100.00$ 20.00$137.50/187.5
*Cleaning Fee for Events: $50 for each space rented
*Deposit: 50% of total
-All rentals include the use of Rest Rooms, Changing Rooms and Outdoor Shower.
-Rental of any facility during our regular hours of operation DOES NOT imply you have exclusive, private use of the beach or other parts of the facility.
-Rental of facilities at Paran DOES NOT include rental of: Gas Grill or Boats. These can be rented for a small additional charge.

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