Summer Positions

Since our founding in 1960, Paran Recreations (Lake Paran) offers safe, healthy outdoor recreation and environmental education for our entire community. Summer’s are bustling with activity. We provide summer swimming, boats for rent, fishing on the shore of Lake Paran and operate a concessions stand for our guests and campers.

By being a team member of Lake Paran’s summer staff, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Southern Vermont and carry forward our mission of providing accessible recreation for all!

We are open weekends from Memorial Day until schools end when we are open 7 days a week from 11-6pm through Labor Day.


Summer positions are full at this time!


Join a Committee at Lake Paran: We are actively seeking volunteers to join one of three committees at Lake Paran.

  • Events Committee:
    • Meetings: 1 hr in person every month or so
    • Responsibilities: Plan events at Lake Paran and volunteer for organized events. Your input is valued, and meeting notes are promptly shared.
  • Facilities Committee:
    • Meetings: Quarterly or as needed
    • Responsibilities: Maintenance tasks on Lake Paran grounds/facilities. Tasks include building and removing the fishing dock twice per year, setting up ropes for the summer, painting the ADA hand railing to name a few. Ideal for those who are handy, strong, and enjoy a hands-on, low-key environment.
  • Programs Committee:
    • Responsibilities: Planning outdoor education programs for schools and groups. If you have experience in outdoor education, naturalism, or curriculum building, we invite you to contribute to program planning and, eventually, facilitate outdoor education for local groups.

Email Camille at if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.




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